gravity sketch: VR tryout

December 10, 2019

Alternative prototyping techniques are more important than ever and the application of VR in industrial design has become quite evident. I’m currently exploring the combination of Blender and Unreal Engine to prototype large spaces as well as products/product-systems within these spaces, animate objects, demonstrate interactions, and a lot more as a part of my graduation project with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

The video is a very preliminary example of sketching in 3D in true scale. I say preliminary because this was just from my second attempt at Gravity Sketch on an Oculus Quest back in November.

I remember appreciating the intuitive controls and the well thought-out tools while also remarking that it would take some time to get used a whole new creative platform + drawing in 3 dimensions. So much has already changed (in the software (SubD!) and my skills) since November and if I were to do this again, the process would be quite different.

I’m glad that José Manuel Rodríguez Díaz and Nicholas Baker got me interested in the Quest and Gravity Sketch a few months back and it has already become a part of my freelance work and design process. Will share some more recent work soon.