zeven dingen

March 2, 2019

Zeven dingen (seven things) is a practice I started with my friend Thomas Abraham this February to form regular habits to improve at things we want. At the beginning of the month, we individually noted down 7 things outside of academics and work that we wanted to do everyday to get better at them or simply form good habits. We put an effort to finish the decided tasks for the day and updated the Google Sheet where we both could see each other’s progress with green and red boxes. Not only was this an effective way to stay accountable but also a good method to reflect back on the day and understand how we could manage time better. Now, we didn’t get all the green boxes on every single day. Most days were 5 or 6 greens for me. However, it wasn’t about doing it a hundred percent but making a conscious effort towards achieving our goals, looking back, learning, and pushing the limits.

We’re going to continue doing this for March and I would love to hear if any of you like this method and adapt it!

For those who are wondering, my sheet was in Dutch because one of the tasks was to get better at Dutch. Using it everywhere possible makes a lot of sense while learning it.

Interested? Download the template and get started.