this time it was different

June 20, 2023

This time it was different!

We taught somewhere between the 10-15th edition of our graphic design full-day workshop at IDE TU Delft… we have lost count.

Speaking in front of a big group is absolutely NOT a skill that came naturally to me. And it still is not.

But after doing it so many times, I feel a small breakthrough is due. This time, I knew my content really well (if I say so myself), there were less pauses, less ums & ahs, and I was on top of student interaction! Especially when they were reluctant to ask questions or ask for feedback. I was in a flow.

Some skills come by practice, a LOT of practice, and this one needs a huge amount of STAGE TIME. Doing it as often as possible, being in uncomfortable positions, not knowing what to say at times… it all apparently adds up to something worth having!

I am really far from where I would like to – ideally – be. But I’m slowly getting somewhere.